Why Flag Football Is Safer Than Football

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Why Flag Football Is Safer Than Football Info

If you are looking to get your kids into flag football or traditional football, you might be considering one over the other due to safety concerns. Flag football is a much safer option over conventional football for a variety of reasons. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons why flag football is safer.

Why Flag Football Is Safer Than Football:

1. No Hard Hits.

One of the most significant problems associated with traditional contact football is the fact that there are a lot of hard hits. Unfortunately, these hits can come in a variety of impact rates. The big problem occurs when the hits happen above the neck which is more often than anyone would like. A lot of kids are not taught to hit correctly when they are young. Because of this, they continue this habit as they age which progressively gets worse and worse because the impact only increases as they get stronger. Therefore, by the time they are fully grown, they are hitting extremely hard, and one hit could end a career – or worse.

2. Concussions.

Another reason why traditional contact football is more dangerous than flag football is because of the risk of concussions. Concussions have become a big sore spot on the sport of soccer because they have mostly been covered up by the most prominent league in the world – the NFL. Unfortunately, concussions are something that can be a silent killer because the severity of concussions can last a lifetime and it’s not necessarily something that you would notice looking at someone from the outside. Shocks can do horrible things to the brain and cause severe brain damage that is irreversible and irreparable.

3. Dehydration.

Another big thing that can make traditional football very dangerous in the wrong conditions is the threat of dehydration. One of the most significant problems associated with contact football is the need to wear all kinds of gear for safety. Because you are wearing all of the equipment, it can get boiling as the heat gets trapped. As a result, you can end up overheating if you are not careful. This is especially true in areas that get very hot and humid. This is a significant problem because a lot of football players end up with heat stroke and dehydration over the years which can be deadly.

Overall, there are a lot of reasons why flag football is safer than contact football. This is why a lot of parents have begun to switch their kids to play flag football over contact football. Not only does it give your kids the ability to play the sport they might love, but it allows them to do so in a much safer way than contact football provides for. Flag football and the rules encourage the avoidance of contact as opposed to helping hard hits and communication. Therefore, you are going to have fewer chances of suffering concussions and other kinds of injuries that can stem from hard hits and severe impact.

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